NKSA Drop Survey Form
All registered players must complete this survey form if they decide to quit after accepting a rooter spot on a team with NKSA. This includes players that become injured and want to be released from the club.

--Please contact your coach or director (if known) to let them know you will not be playing so the team is prepared.
--Players quitting after completing registration must also complete a separate Player Release From required by KYSA that can be found at http://www.kysoccer.net/kysoccer_administrative/forms/ (KYSA website). The completed Player Release Form must be returned to our Registrar (directly or through your coach/director) so we can remove you from the state soccer association registration. You will be unable to register to play for another select soccer team unless you complete this process (KYSA rules).
--Player fees must be current before a player can be released from the club. NKSA incurs fees for players and commits resources based upon player's commitments to play the entire soccer year. Payments become nonrefundable when made based upon this commitment. In limited circumstances, NKSA will refund payments made in advance of deadlines so that families are not penalized by paying fees early. For example, if a player's fees are paid for the entire year at the time of registration, the portion of the fees paid before the installment payment deadlines may be refunded when notice is provided to the club before the payment deadline.
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Players first and last name as registered.
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Player's year of birth (helps us make sure we have the correct player)
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We are very sorry to see you go and we want to continue to improve the club for everyone. Let us know the reason for leaving. If you were not satisfied with the program, please tell us if you contacted any of our directors to discuss your concerns.
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Payment Status *
Tell us what you know about your payment status. Are you paying by auto pay to your credit card that we need to turn off? Are you current on your fees? Do we owe you a refund because you paid for the entire year in advance? No refunds can be provided for payments unless you paid in full prior to the
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Anything else you think we should know?
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