Application for the inaugural Fast Fashion Textile Tech (FFTT) Hackathon
The George Washington University Innovation Center (GWIC) recently launched an initiative to engage its students and faculty in the global movement towards the future of fashion. One aspect of this initiative is a hackathon, or a competition, for students to disrupt the fashion and textile industry, by developing solutions to make the industry more sustainable and socially responsible.

On February 9-10, 2019 GWIC is hosting the inaugural Fast Fashion Textile Tech (FFTT) Hackathon. This multi-day competition, with 24 hours of hacking, will empower teams of students from different disciplines to innovate. Student hackers will have access to materials, such as sewing machines and 3-D printers, to create sustainable products, such as new apps/websites or wearable technology.

The FFTT Hackathon will have over 100 innovators, including students, faculty, panelists, mentors, and judges. Together, we can be a part of the global conversation on the future of fashion. Sustainable innovation is possible. Teams will be judged by industry leaders, and prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Applying for the Hackathon will contribute to our momentum, allow hackers to showcase their skills and creativity, and strengthen our disruption of the unsustainable fashion and textile industry.

Artwork by: Marina Meyer
Instagram: @fashiontech.gwic

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At the start of the Hacakthon, the FFTT Team will announce three predesigned, interdisciplinary problem statements along with a Hackers Choice problem statement. Propose a problem you would like to hack - workers rights, pollution, supply chain, retail innovation, business and economics, avant garde design. The FFTT Team will select the most popular proposal.
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Teams will be officially formed day of - we are happy to help you complete or join a team
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