Mr. Cooley's Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule Fall 2019
Dear Parents,

Please check your child's conference time and confirm the date and time by checking the YES box by your child's name. If the day and time do not work, check the NO box and email me so we can find an alternate time. I am looking forward to meeting with you to talk about your child’s progress so far this school year.

Thank you and see you soon!
Matt Cooley
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Special Notes
*Parents of more than 1 child: If you have more than 1 child, all conferences will be staggered times on the date shown below. You will receive an email from each of your children's teachers.

*Parents of students at Georgetown & Baldwin: BMS will be sending out their conference survey (parents select times online) on November 4th. Please schedule your conferences at Baldwin around these times.
Callan Boes
Sydnee Bone
Lawson Brenner
Kellan Bynum
Joseph Dale
Caleb DeHaan
Owen Fredericks
Sierra Hemingway
Zac Husted
Cooper Martinez
Caleb Mesman
Teegan Moylan
Selah Perron
Kendall Peters
Tessa Pierce
Tatum Samaniego
Addison Simpson
Samson Smeenge
Bradley Smies
Cooper Smit
Morgan Snider
Tyler Strick
Araya Szamrej
Deacon VanWyk
Alison Wierenga
Cruz Wilkins
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