Spazbot Studios Community Survey
Thanks for taking the time to participate in this survey! Your answers will help us shape our path for 2018, and make our shows better! Also, 5 lucky participants will win (1) Free T-Shirt from! Participants are only eligible if they live in North America. Let's do this survey!

Quick note, we are asking for your name & email for prize purposes ONLY. We are not dumping your stuff into a database, nor will you start getting a news letter from us.

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Do you feel we live up to our Slogan at Spazbot Studios? "Good Shows by Good People" *
How would you rate our performance in 2017 on a 5 Star Scale? *
Are you aware that Spazbot Studios does multiple Podcasts?
Which Spazbot Studios Shows do you currently listen to on a regular basis? *
If you only listen to (1) Spazbot Studios Show, what prevents you from listening to more Spazbot Studios Shows? *
Are you aware we produce The Starting Zone: A Podcast about World of Warcraft? *
Are you aware we produce Super Heroic: A Podcast about Comic Books that have evolved into TV Shows and Movies? *
Are you aware we produce Dead Fans Talking: A Show about The Walking Dead? *
Are you aware we produce Dad Beards, a show about Gaming and Nerd Culture? *
How do you usually get information & News about the shows we produce at Spazbot Studios? *
Do you use our Discord Server which you can join at ? *
We currently live stream Recordings of The Starting Zone on TWITCH, have you ever attended a live stream? *
Would you be interested in Live Streams on Twitch of our other shows? If so, which ones would you watch if it was convenient for you? *
Should we produce more shows in 2018 besides the ones currently in production. *
We are considering producing more shows in 2018. What topics would interest you? (check all that apply). *
Is there a show you would like to see that wasn't on the list provided in the last question? If so, let us know in the paragraph below what you would like to see from Spazbot Studios. *
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Tell us in your own words what you like about the shows Spazbot Studios produces. *
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What, in your opinion, can we do to improve in 2018? *
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