Dove Bible Club Student Registration
Please fill out ALL information completely. Section 1 is for Parent/Legal Guardian information. Section 2, 3 and 4 are for the student's information. You can register up to 3 students per form. If you have more than 3 students that you are registering, please fill out a secondary registration form.
Thank you!
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Registrations must be completed 48 HOURS in advance of your schools meeting. If the student's name is not on the attendance sheet, THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO STAY.
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Dove Bible Club will text reminders of Meeting Dates to this number.
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Please list FIRST and LAST name of ALL People Authorized to Pick-Up your Child(ren) INCLUDING YOURSELF
Per Brevard County Schools, If someone comes to pick up your student and they are NOT on this Approved Pick Up List, the student WILL NOT be released to them.
Authorized Pick Up Persons (Please also include the name of the child's parent/legal guardian) *
In event of emergency, the PARENT will be called, not the pick up person.
Does your child...Ride home in a Car, Walk/Bike Home, or Go to After Care? *
Photo Id will be checked at time of pickup. If there are any FUTURE changes in Pick Up arrangements, please contact Dove Bible Club via to let us know.
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Dove Bible Club is a non-profit organization that runs on the generous donations from people like you! ***We will contact you with further information***
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