Author sales survey
Please answer the questions below based on the novel which you feel is your best selling novel. If you're unsure of anything, or any questions are irrelevant, please just leave them blank. There is a space at the end of this form for more comments. This is COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS unless you indicate you're happy to share details.
What genre is your best selling English language novel in? *
What kind of imprint was it published by? *
When was it published (ideally, share month and year of the country where it sold the best)? *
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At what sort of price range did it sell for (specify format if you can) *
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Next I'm going to ask for specific sales figures. Leave any section which you don't have figures for blank. Please try to break down between formats (eg. digital, HB, PB) and which country the figures are from. This might involve some digging out of old emails. But don't worry if you don't have time, simply share figures 'off the top of your head' in the question where I ask about other time periods.
How many units did the novel sell in its 'part-week' sales (SPECIFY FORMAT PLEASE!)
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How many units did it sell after a week (SPECIFY FORMAT PLEASE!)?
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How many units did it sell after a month (SPECIFY FORMAT PLEASE!)?
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If you have figures for other time periods (eg. to date) or any other details, please share below (SPECIFY FORMAT PLEASE!).
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Did your novel hit any of these bestseller lists?
Were you paid an advance for this novel? *
If yes, feel free to share the level of advance if you wish below (if your advance was for more than one book, try to break it down. If it was in another currency, indicate in comments below)
Have you earned out your advance for that novel?
If you've been told (by your agent, your publisher, other authors) what is considered 'good sales' for your genre and so on, please share them below:
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Is there anything else you'd like to add?
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