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Interested in mentoring a rising high school senior from the class of 2021? Fill out this form if so.

BY THE END OF AUGUST, you will be paired with one of our 500+ members from the High School Class of 2021 Slack Community. Skyler Basco will cc you and your mentee in a match announcement email, and you guys will privately decide how often/when/where you want to communicate. This could range from text messages, email, social media, phone calls, zoom meetings, etc. This is a great volunteer opportunity for undergraduate students!

Position Title: Class of 2021 Community Mentor

• Must be a rising or current undergraduate student at a university.
• Must be able to sustain this position starting around the end of August and through the end of your mentee's college application process (likely until January 2021).


Contact: or @communityclassof2021 on Instagram for any questions or concerns!
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Drop any questions, comments, or concerns for this Class of 2021 Mentorship Match Program here!
You could always email me at or DM @communityclassof2021 for further inquiries.
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