Dear Respondent:

This questionnaire is for academic purpose. We are trying to better understand the congruence between co-workers and supervisors of their commitment to the organization and we need your valuable opinion in this regard.

Please spend a few minutes to fill out this survey. Rest assured that all of your information will be kept in the strictest confidence and will be used only in aggregate summaries for the purpose of academic research. No company’s name or personal identity will be disclosed.

The only requirement that we ask is that you have worked in a company for at least 6 months.

Thanks in advance for your help in this research project.


Diana Villagran (IMBA Student)
Institute of Technology Management

蔡孟穎 Emma Tsai (Graduate Student)
Institute of Technology Management

Dr.Yu Wen Liu
Director of IMBA program
Asst.Professor, Dept of Technology Management

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2. Age
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4. Education Level:
5. Tenure with the Company (years/months)
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6. How long have you been working with your supervisor?: (years/months)
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7. Industry Type
8. Company Size (No. of Employees)
9. Location of the Company
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