vA3.0 Open Data Challenge
Priority Question 'What ICT solutions can help to increase the usability of Open Data from the NSW Government?'

This Australia 3.0 'Wicked Policy' challenge seeks to develop a data marketplace along the lines of ‘Trip Advisor’ or ‘Wotif’ which would help companies and citizens discover and more effectively use data sets which has been published.


A NSW Open Data Challenge Workshop was held on 1 December 2015 with users and consumers of open data. The focus of the workshop was:

BETTER: Better data in accessible, consumable formats with metadata and quality statements
FASTER: Faster release of data using automated processes, standard data categories and trusted user model
MORE: More data released and discoverable through central portals

Whilst the call for more data released more often is being addressed by NSW government agencies, a problem remains in how to make this open data more useable.

The final recommendations will be published on the Australia 3.0 website and provided to all participants including the sponsor groups within the host governments. Held in Sydney from August to December hosted by the ACS, Pearcey Foundation and Telsoc - the lead partners of Australia 3.0.
Participant information
Participants will be selected from a mix of people with a range of experience. Open to new ideas, you welcome this unique opportunity to join in the Australia 3.0 challenge process. Collaboration is key for success and confidence working with government clients towards an innovative solution is a rewarding experience.

• Participants are required to attend the Kick off Briefing and all Rounds of the challenge in Sydney
• You will need to cover your own travel costs to attend the events
• The winning team will present their solution at an open forum on 30 November as part of ACS Reimagination

There is also prize money for the winning teams at each Round, plus a small reward for helping to get the winning (and runner-up) solutions onto the operational platform of the sponsor Agency. While we encourage equal sharing among the team, the teams can decide for themselves how to share the prize money. Please note that you will need to complete the entire Round with your team to share in the prize money.
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