Tree Tenders Survey
Please take a few moments to fill out the below survey. As a Tree Tender, your feedback will be informative towards the development of a statewide Tree Tenders program.

Individuals interested in establishing a Tree Tenders group in your community please contact Shea Zwerver at

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In which setting do you live?
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Please complete the following sentence, "Tree Tenders training……" (choose all that apply)
Since your Tree Tenders training have you volunteered in your community on any tree-related activities?
If you answered yes to the above question, approximately how many hours did you spend volunteering on tree-related activities in 2016?
If you have volunteered, which types of volunteer activities have you participated in? (choose all that apply)
Take this space to expand on the volunteer activities you have participated in:
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If you have not volunteered, which of the following reasons have hindered you from volunteering? (check all that apply)
Would you be interested in being a part of an organized Tree Tenders group in your area?
How would you prefer to learn about volunteer activities? (choose all that apply)
What motivates you to volunteer? (choose your top 2)
Would you be interested in leading and establishing an active Tree Tenders group in your area?
If you answered yes to the above question, what resources would be most helpful to you? (choose your top 3)
Are there existing activities in your area where Tree Tenders could be utilized?
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How far would you be willing to travel to volunteer as a Tree Tender?
Do you serve on your community’s Shade Tree Commission or Environmental Advisory Council?
Do you participate in any of the following:
How would you and others like to be recognized for your volunteer time? (e.g. gifts, awards/plaques)
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Do you have other ideas/thoughts that were not touched on in previous questions?
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