Post Prom Survey
Please take this survey to give input on next year's Post Prom.
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What is the main reason you attend Post Prom?
What types of food do you prefer at Post Prom?
What type of pizza would you prefer? Keep in mind the more we spend on pizza the less we have for other things.
What types of drinks do you prefer?
Entertainment - Do you like the photo booth?
Do You like the inflatables?
Inflatables - Choose your favorites
Games - Choose your favorites
Did you like having the class competition, this year it was tug of war and the winning class received extra prize/money?
Big Prizes: What are your favorite Big Prizes?
What are your favorite gift cards?
Do you consider a lap top the best prize or would you rather have a gift card to a computer store to go towards the laptop of your choice?
If you could pick a prize valued at $100-$250 what would it be?
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Did you like having the "Big Prize" drawings during the night?
This year we gave all the Juniors and Seniors cash and a bonus amount based on your fundraising/working efforts. Did you think that was fair or would you rather a set amount for each person?
This year we did not allow trading of the canister prizes. Did you like that better?
This year several Juniors were the first names drawn. Do you feel that is fair or do you think all seniors should get drawn first?
What was your favorite thing about Post Prom?
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What was your least favorite thing about Post Prom?
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Suggestions for next year's Post Prom:
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It takes a lot of work and money to throw Post Prom. Are you willing to help raise money by working or fundraising for next year's Post Prom?
Do you think it's fair to be able to attend Post Prom and win prizes if the student and/or parent did nothing to help with the event (fundraise, work, donate)?
Do you think it's fair to allow students to attend Post Prom if they didn't attend Prom?
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