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I appreciate your interest in having me be a part of your event. By answering the questions below, you are ensuring the most accurate, efficient response to your inquiry. I know you may not have all the details worked out for your event yet, so please fill this out to the best of your ability.

I can accommodate short-term and long-term planning situations, but please understand that due to the high volume of speaking requests and client work, my calendar fills up quickly. If you list an exact date of your event on this questionnaire, there is a 30-day "courtesy hold" placed on our calendar for that date. I am only considered "booked" for your event once a signed agreement is in place.

For your internal planning purposes, all mileage/train/air travel + lodging must be covered if event is outside of the Hampton Roads/Richmond region. Our travel originates from Norfolk, VA (car), Norfolk, VA Amtrak Station (train) and Norfolk International Airport (air).
Nikki James Zellner, founder of Where Content Connects
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Note: Pro-bono speaking engagements are considered on a case by case basis. For all paid speaking engagements, you will receive an estimate based on the needs you outline in this questionnaire, which may or may not reflect your final pricing.
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