Do you need a name tag?
Do you volunteer at SSKY frequently? Are you on campus so often people think you're a staff member? Are you a room parent? A car door opener? A Copy Cat? An expert paper slicer? Do you want to be any of the aforementioned? Then, everyone should know your name! You need a name tag! These lovely plastic name badges are customized with your name and can be worn on a fabulous SSKY lanyard anytime you volunteer! AWESOME!

If you would like a snazzy and fabulous SSKY name tag, please send us your name below (Kinder and new parents who want to be volunteers - sign up!). If the little tabby thing at the top broke, Megan has plastic sleeves for you. (If this has happened to your tag, then you know what we're talking about! haha) If you already have a name tag and you can actually find it, please do NOT request another one. Of course, if your name tag is hopelessly lost or utterly destroyed, then we're happy to replace it for you.

Megan will place this order as soon as she has critical mass :) They'll arrive about 2 weeks after the order is placed.

Name tags are paid for by the PTO and out of the Marketing budget.

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