Congregational Commitment to the New Connections Campaign
This committment form is intended to be a record for accounting purposes of your Congregation's committment to the MetroDC Synod's New Connections Campaign. This is an agreement between the Congregation and the MetroDC Synod. It is not binding in that if conditions change significantly, it can be ammended. We hope for any changes to be because your congregation is experiencing growth!! Thank you so much for your support of, belief in and participation in new ministry, developing leaders and focusing on growth in our Synod through this campaign.
1. Your Congregation (name and city/state): *
2. We commit to the New Connections Campaign in the TOTAL $ amount of (please write in amount in the below space) *
3. Of the amount in #2 above, we intend to give a TOTAL $ amount to the Synod for the 4 program areas of the Campaign across the Synod (please write in amount in the below space) , *
3. Our congregational records indicate we have already given OR we choose to make an initial gift in the amount of (please write in amount in the below space) *
4. If you have not already, when will you make your first gift/payment? *
5. How frequently will you be giving to the Synod-wide New Connections Campaign? *
6. What is your growth goal for making new connections? *
7. How many new connections have you made since June 2017? *
Submitting this form is authorization for the Synod to record this commitment in lieu of a signature. Please print name(s) below. *
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