Fatty's 2019 Weight-Loss Challenge
NOTE: Registration is now closed, we are no longer accepting entries, and the challenge has begun.

Thanks for  your interest in joining the FatCyclist.com 2019 Weight Loss Challenge! I need some info from you to determine a few things: whether you have enough weight to lose, whether you're willing to play by the rules, and whether you're set up to play the game.

Here's how the game works:

1. To be part of the challenge, you must send me a $150 entry fee (Venmo or Paypal, I'll email you the info when I collect the form) to show your commitment. I know, that seems like a lot. It's meant to be enough that people won't just join casually, and enough that it will be an incentive to stay in and keep trying.
2. $50 of your join-in goes to Camp Kesem.
3. You must weigh-in every single Friday, posting your weight on the Google Sheet I will share with contestants.
4. If you do not weigh in, even skipping just once, you are out. If you know you're not going to be able to weigh in on a Friday, weigh in early. No excuses, no exceptions. Almost certainly, someone (maybe me!) will get hurt, or will have a family emergency, or something else. I can't / won't be making those kind of judgement calls.
5. At the end of the contest, the remaining money (the money that did not go to Camp Kesem) will be divided up as follows:
      75% of the money is divided equally among people who hit their target weight
      25% of the money is divided equally among people who did NOT hit their target weight, but did not give up

Once I get your info, I'll send you an email letting you know what the next steps are.

I like how this challenge is balanced.

First of all, we'll do something good for a charity that does a lot of good.
Second, I have a hunch that anyone who sticks to this and hits their goal will actually come out net positive. But I don't know that.
Third, a friendly competition helps me stay focused and on track, so I think this is going to be fun.

Good luck,
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Your current weight (in pounds)
Your target weight by 20 April 2019 (note: you must have a weight loss goal of at least 15 pounds to be part of this challenge) *
Let's make sure you're willing to play by the rules. (You must answer "Yes" to everything to be part of this challenge *
Are you OK with the $150 join-in fee?
Do you have a Paypal or Venmo account and know how to use it?
Do you understand that if you miss posting even one week you lose the contest and do not get your money back?
Are you going to be completely honest about your weight?
Please let me know of any questions or comments you have. Just so you know, I am not interested in making this any more complex than it is right now.
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