Revision and Home Learning Survey
Think back to the last two months when you were preparing for exams
On average, how many hours per week did you spend on Revision?
On reflection, how well prepared were you for this exam season?
What would you do differently next time to help continue/improve your progress?
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Which of the following revision techniques did you use? (You can tick more than one box, if other please specify.)
Now which of those revision techniques was most effective for you? (If other please specify)
Explain why this technique was effective for you?
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Think back to everything since the start of September
On average, how many hours per week do you spend on Home Learning?
Reflecting on your Home Learning experience since September, how could teachers improve provision of Home Learning to help you make better progress?
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If you're in Year 12, did you attend Easter Revision School?
If so, any comments?
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