Avenue Winter Fellowship 2020-21
LOCATION: 780 Joseph Avenue (Fully accessible. Inclusive for all abilities.)

Begins Tuesday, January 19th (Ages 15 and up)
Mandatory 1/12 - 1/15 Fellowship orientation/training/audition week for those applying to be an Avenue Youth Fellow for Winter 2020-21. Past Fellows are expected to attend and share their experiences, progress toward goals and assist with the orientation process to re-qualify.

Avenue Fellows (Ages 15 and up) in good standing are eligible to earn a stipend of up to $750 per semester.

The Avenue Blackbox Theatre is a safe, bold, inclusive space that seeks to disrupt, dismantle and destroy systems of racism, oppression, and hate. We expect and lovingly insist that our collaborators, participants, fellows, interns and volunteers join this effort whole heartedly.

• No Sexism
• No Racism
• No Ageism
• No Homophobia
• No Fatphobia
• No Transphobia
• No Hate
....will be tolerated on the premises or by those representing The Avenue in the community.

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to the generous support of private donors, The Field, Rochester Area Community Foundation, in-kind contributions and our dedicated mentors & volunteers; The Avenue Children's Theatre Project is TUITION-FREE for city youth who are unable to pay. The Avenue Fellowship costs are covered by grants and private donations to include John F. Wegman Fund, Feinbloom Foundation and The Leah Lozzano Memorial Endowment to The Avenue Children's Theatre Project. Thank you!

**We ask families who can to also consider donating a little something extra to the Avenue Children's Theatre Project so that we can continue to offer TUITION & ADMISSION FREE programing for our youth that need it the most.

Tuition costs for all others are: $165 Ages 9 and under/$330 Ages 10 and up. Avenue Fellows can earn a stipend of up to $750 per semester. Consider sponsoring a youth!

Tax deductible options and more info on how to make gifts can be found at: AVENUETHEATRE.ORG/DONATE, directly to paypal.me/avenueblackbox. Or in person or by mail to: 780 Joseph Avenue, Rochester, NY 14621.

QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS? Please call 585-491-6730 or email info@avenuetheatre.org.
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Healthy Snacks provided daily. No junk food or outside drinks will be allowed in the space. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged but must be filled on site. Water fountain onsite.
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