CYM Education and Outreach (E&O) On-Line Courses - Communication of Interest, September 2018 - June 2019
For more information, visit or contact the E&O Education Sub-Committee at

Education and Outreach on-line courses are free, but require a commitment of time for each participant to engage in coursework and some form of additional practice or actions.

Please assist us in planning our course offerings for the following season by taking a few minutes to provide information regarding your interest in on-line courses.

CYM warmly welcomes any donations you are able to give. Canadian Yearly Meeting, 91A Fourth Ave, Ottawa ON K1S 2L1. To donate by credit card, call the CYM office at 1-888-296-3222.

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9:00am Pacific/10:00am Mountain/11:00am Central/12:00pm Eastern/1:00pm Atlantic/1:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
10:00am Pacific/11:00am Mountain/12:00pm Central/1:00pm Eastern/2:00pm Atlantic/2:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
11:00am Pacific/12:00pm Mountain/1:00pm Central/2:00pm Eastern/3:00pm Atlantic/3:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
12:00pm Pacific/1:00pm Mountain/2:00pm Central/3:00pm Eastern/4:00pm Atlantic/4:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
1:00pm Pacific/2:00pm Mountain/3:00pm Central/4:00pm Eastern/5:00pm Atlantic/5:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
2:00pm Pacific/3:00pm Mountain/4:00pm Central/5:00pm Eastern/6:00pm Atlantic/6:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
3:00pm Pacific/4:00pm Mountain/5:00pm Central/6:00pm Eastern/7:00pm Atlantic/7:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
4:00pm Pacific/5:00pm Mountain/6:00pm Central/7:00pm Eastern/8:00pm Atlantic/8:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
5:00pm Pacific/6:00pm Mountain/7:00pm Central/8:00pm Eastern/9:00pm Atlantic/9:30pm Newfoundland-Labrador
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Education and Outreach Committee (E&O) and its representatives utilize the information on this form to schedule e-courses and send out communications regarding course times and how to access courses. Registrants are also added to an E&O online course contact list, which is updated semi-regularly. You can request to have your information removed from our database anytime via email
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