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Drones are a growing reality, their use is becoming more common and we are seeing them in more and more places. They can perform tasks ranging from surveillance, agriculture, parcel delivery, or transporting people and soon we will see them in the skies of our cities.  
The aim of this survey is to analyse what citizens think of this emerging technology.
Please answer the questions below.

Do you agree with the following statements?
Personal experience and opinion
1 Yes
2 Not sure
3 No
I am familiarized with drones
I am interested in drones
I use drones (now)
I agree with the use of drones for emergency, security or medical purposes
I agree with the use of drones for agricultural, industrial and port tasks
I agree with the use of drones for parcel delivery
I agree with the use of drones to transport people
Clear selection
Trusted issues and perceptions of safety
1 Yes
2 Not sure
3 No
Drones are safe
Drones are risky
Drones are beneficial to me
Drones are beneficial to society
Clear selection
Noise acceptance, coexistence with wildlife and environmental friendliness
1 Yes
2 Not sure
3 No
Drones are noisy
Drones are quiet
Drones are friendly for wildlife
Drones are friendly for rural environments
Drones are friendly for urban environments (people, buildings, etc.)
Drones are environmentally friendly
Clear selection
Job losses and privacy concerns
1 Yes
2 Not sure
3 No
Drones threaten my job
Drones threaten society's jobs
Drones will generate new and better jobs
Drones will oust traditional mobility technologies
Drones will coexist with traditional mobility technologies
Drones undermine my privacy
Drones undermine society's privacy
Clear selection
Clear form
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