Summer 2018 - Online Scholarships for African Learners to the DEDP MicroMasters
We are happy to share the news that thanks to the generous support of the Hewlett Foundation, we are able to offer scholarships for learners from Sub-Saharan Africa to participate in the online MicroMasters classes free of charge, starting this summer semester in June 2018. To be eligible for this scholarship, you have to be born in Sub-Saharan Africa. The scholarship is open to both learners who have already progressed through some of the curriculum, as well as those who are completely new to the program. Each semester, learners selected for these scholarships will receive coupons to take up to two MicroMasters courses for free, and receive all the perks of being a paid learner, including: taking the in-person exams to earn the course certificate, access to community and job forums, and direct communication with program staff.

If you are interested in winning a scholarship to take up to two DEDP MicroMasters courses this summer semester, starting on June 5, please answer all the questions in the below form. Applicants will be judged on the quality of their answers, so please take time to carefully consider and read through your answers before submitting this application. Evidence of prior commitment to the program (namely: passing some or all of the courses on edX, or taking some proctored exams) will also count in your favor. Learners who have already successfully passed the online course, but not yet paid, are also encouraged to apply for these scholarships, which will enable them to take the proctored exam for the course and earn a course certificate.

Scholarships to take MicroMasters courses during the summer semester will be awarded on a rolling basis until the payment deadline of July 13, 2018, so make sure to apply soon! Learners who are interested in completing all five DEDP courses and earning the entire MicroMasters credential in time to be considered for the first Blended Master’s cohort (who will come to MIT’s campus to earn a Master’s degree in Data, Economics, and Development Policy from the institute), are also welcome to apply for an additional round of scholarships that will be awarded in August 2018 for the fall semester that starts in September 2018. Hence, this a great opportunity to get ready for the launch of the Master’s first admission cycle this winter!

As a reminder: Sub-Saharan African students who are selected for the Blended Master’s program (to gain a Master's degree from MIT) will also be eligible to apply for full-ride scholarships from the Hewlett Foundation that will cover the full cost of tuition and housing at MIT.

Should you have any questions about this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out by writing to We hope this opportunity will be of interest to many of you and look forward to your applications!

Please note that you will need to complete and submit this document in one sitting, so consider preparing all of your answers in another text document before copy and pasting them into the form, and clicking submit. You can find a PDF version of the application form here:

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If you haven’t yet created an edX account, please create one at Furthermore, if you haven’t yet created a MicroMasters profile, please complete one at Once you have a MicroMasters profile, you will receive a personal course price by following the steps under “calculate your cost.” Note that we may ask you to verify the financial information your share with us. For more information on this process, please visit or email us at
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What do you think has been (or will be) the most challenging part of the MicroMasters program for you, so far? *
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What does success in this program look like to you? How will winning this scholarship and taking these courses impact your long-term education and career goals? *
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How do you envision being able to leverage your own unique skill set and these technical skills to improve policy and data analysis in Sub-Saharan Africa? *
Please be as concrete as possible: The best answers will describe a specific problem or policy that you believe taking the MicroMasters courses may help you solve or improve.
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