TFLA First Time Conference Presenter Scholarship
TFLA would like to encourage members who have never presented a session or workshop at any conference to share their talent and expertise by submitting a proposal and presenting a session or workshop at an upcoming conference. TFLA understands that economic circumstances are obstacles that prevent a talented presenter from attending and presenting at conferences. Therefore, TFLA will waive the full registration fees for the conference for the scholarship applicant. By doing so, TFLA hopes that we will see new, talented presenters that will contribute to the high-quality professional development experience of our conference.

It must be emphasized that this is a competitive scholarship process, and not all applicants are guaranteed a scholarship. It is also important to note that conference presentation proposals will be considered and accepted in a process independent of this scholarship. TFLA welcomes multiple presenters in a session or workshop. If the presentation is accepted, registration fees will be waived for a maximum of ONE (1) presenter per session or workshop which in this case will be the recipient of this scholarship. In the event that the session or workshop proposal is NOT accepted, this scholarship will not be awarded to the applicant.

To be eligible to receive this scholarship, a member must submit this form with the requested application packet documents, submit a proposal (to present a session or workshop) via the TFLA website, and the proposal must be accepted for the upcoming conference. The scholarship will be awarded to a maximum of 10 members per year. If you wish to be considered for the scholarship, please complete this form.

Each applicant must submit the following information digitally according to the specifications below:

1) Submission of this digital form including the one-page (500 word maximum) essay required at the end of the form

2) A recent high-resolution digital photo (head shot).

3) A PDF copy of your session or workshop proposal

4) A one-page letter of recommendation from a colleague in PDF format

5) A one-page letter of recommendation from a coordinator, or school administrator in PDF format

All digital files (photo, proposal, letters of recommendations) should be sent IN THE FORM OF A SINGLE PDF FILE via email to

Thank you for applying!
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A one-page narrative stating your philosophy regarding high quality professional development and the ways that presenting at the conference will benefit you, your students and colleagues. Maximum 500 words.
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