Staff Writer Application
Thank you for your interest in being a staff writer for FIFTY54 Magazine! We are a Black publication dedicated to uplifting black voices and writing, regardless of prior experience.

Here are some things to note before starting your application:

1. FIFTY54 Magazine is not a for profit publication. This means that any money potentially made from the publication goes straight towards paying for maintenance fees of the publication. In exchange for your work, we provide experience and resume building. We realize that it monetary compensation may be a deal breaker for some writers, so we understand if you'd change your mind.

2. You do not need experience to write for FIFTY54. We provide ourselves on working with all writers, no matter how novice, to produce their best work. If you have just started writing, or really just don't know where to begin, this publication is for you!

3. If offered a staff writer's position, it is not binding. Whether you're here for 1 month or 12, we appreciate your time!

4. This application will need to be completed in one sitting, and you will need to answer all questions.


1. Must be 18 years or older.
2. Must have their own tools for writing (ie, Laptop and internet)
3. Must create all original content. Plagiarism will result in termination of position.
4. Must commit to one article a month at minimum. Failure to submit one article a month will result in termination of position.
5. Must be Black. This includes African American, AfroLatinx, and other Diasporic identities.

If all of this sounds good to you- please press continue!
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