Ängsbacka Volunteer Application form - Summer 2017
BELOVED - thank you for your willingness to support Ängsbacka's Summer festivals as a volunteer! Your contribution is much appreciated.


Application process

Your application plays an important role within the structure and functioning of Ängsbacka. This is where you tell us about who you are, let us know of your preferred working group - and many other things. Please do your best to provide the requested information as it pertains to you. We are seeking clear and concise information to be able to welcome you into our shared experience the best possible way.

Volunteer fee

The volunteer fee is based on a full-price ticket. As an event volunteer, you are kindly asked to contribute financially – you pay 50% of the ticket price – and with your time and energy in the form of working meditation. The fee includes three beautiful vegetarian meals a day, and a bed in one of our dormitories or tent dorms.

Payment procedure

After you receive our reply to your application:Please pay the full amount within 14 days so we can register you. Please send us a confirmation of your payment (a copy of your bank statement or such) to ensure your spot. This helps us immensely as it may take a long time for the actual payment to be registered in our database. Your spot in a working group will not be confirmed until you have completed your payment. We will do our best to accomodate your wish of working group. Some groups are more popular than others, and first priority is given to those who have completed their payments. Remember to include your name and the festival you are paying for!

Please note that it might take up to two weeks for your application to be answered. Thank you and warmly welcome!

All summer Volunteer Camp 2 June-13 August 4900 SEK
Pre Camp 2-10 June 800 SEK
Sexsibility Camp 11-19 June 1950 SEK
Midsummer Camp 21-25 June 1300 SEK
No Mind camp 26 June-10 July 2950 SEK
Gen Conference Camp 11-21 July 2450 SEK / 1850 SEK*
Yoga camp 21-30 July 2600 SEK
Tantra camp 30 July-7 August 2250 SEK
Post camp I 7-13 August 600 SEK
Post camp II 14 - 22 August 800 SEK

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