Welcome to Millennial Towers! We are excited to have you living here with us! Before you move in, please take a moment to perform a thorough inspection of both your personal living space and the common spaces in your apartment. If you find any damages or issue that we may have missed please report them in the spaces provided below. This will prevent your security deposit from being charged at move out for preexisting damage. Include as much detail as you can such as the exact location and a description of the damage or issue! If you find items that need immediate attention please fill out a maintenance request on our website.
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Common Area Damage or Issues
Bedroom Damage or Issues
Items that need immediate attention
Please fill out a Maintenance Request on our website if you would like us to address any existing issues. The items you listed above are to protect your security deposit from being charged for preexisting damage. We will only address items for which a maintenance request has been submitted.
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