Senate Internship
Internship Summary:
The ASUW Student Senate intern learns about and assists the Senate Speaker and Membership Coordinator with volunteer outreach, recruitment, coordination, retention, and training for the Student Senate. Interns will have office hours to work on tasks and will be responsible for attending Student Senate staff meetings. While the Student Senate Interns (2) will work together on projects as necessary, they will choose to specialize in either external affairs or internal affairs. Interns will be expected to carry out 1-2 personal projects throughout the year along with goals and evaluations at the beginning and the end of each quarter, respectively, during their internship.

Intern Responsibilities and Specializations:

External Affairs
Lead outreach efforts to RSOs, Legacy Groups, Residential Communities, and other groups.
Manage tabling, flyering, and other modes of marketing on campus.
Recruit and lead a group of volunteers in outreach efforts.
Assist in representing ASUW Senate at meetings as assigned.
Assist the Elections Administration Committee during Spring Quarter.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Internal Affairs
Plan 2-3 events each quarter, with a focus on community-building, activism, or volunteering involving Senators and other community members.
Assist with Legislation Writing Workshops once per week
Aid ASUW Commissions and other parties in writing resolutions as assigned.
Aid the Committee Chairs in the research of resolutions referred to their committee as assigned.
Perform other duties as assigned.

Intern Qualifications:
Interpersonal and communication skills
Prior leadership, event planning, and marketing experience preferred
Demonstrated enthusiasm about ASUW
Must be a UW student enrolled in at least 6 credits or On Leave as defined by Executive order 50.

Acquired Skills:
Project management - Idealization, Planning, Executing, and Close-out process of various projects
Systems Thinking and Group development- working independently to contribute to the group as a whole to work effectively and efficiently
Outreach- communicating with ASUW employees and other organizations on campus to increase collaboration.
Leadership and management - manage a group of volunteers.

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