JA Company Programme 2020/21 _ Open Track Registration
1. Please fill in this form on a team basis and submit to JA on or before 21 August 2020 (Fri).
2. Acceptance of registration will be confirmed by email.
3. All personal information is for JA Hong Kong's internal reference only.

*Programme Timeline:
Oct 2020 - Orientation & Workshops
Mar 2021 - Trade Fair
Apr-May 2021 - Semi Final & Final Presentation Competition and Awards

*Format: Face-to-face & Online
Section 1: Team Information|第一部分: 團隊資料
1. Student CEO Name|學生行政總裁姓名 *
2. School|就讀學校 *
3. Year of Study (as of September 2020)|升讀級別 *
4. Contact No.|聯絡電話 *
5. Email Address|電郵地址 *
6. How do you form the team?|組隊方法 *
7. How many students will be joining the team?|預計團隊成員數目 *
8. Language of Instruction|語言 *
Section 2: Logistics Arrangement|第二部分: 流程安排
2. Meeting Day|開會日子 *
3. Meeting Timeslot (2 hours per meeting)|開會時間 (預計每次開會時間為2小時) *
Example|例如 14:30-16:30
4. Meeting Venue|開會埸地 *
Confirmed Meeting Venue|已確認之開會埸地
5. Mode of Participation|參與模式 *
6. Adult Coordinator|隊伍聯絡人 *
Role of Adult Coordinator: a) provide logistics support for your team; b) communicate with JA HK and team for status update|隊伍聯絡人的職責: 主要替團隊處理活動流程及與JA HK 聯絡
7. Contact Number of Adult Coordinator|隊伍聯絡人的聯絡電話 *
8. Email Address of Adult Coordinator|隊伍聯絡人的電郵地址 *
9. Working Organization of Adult Coordinator|隊伍聯絡人的工作機構 *
10. Job Title of Adult Coordinator|隊伍聯絡人的工作職位 *
11. Relationship with Your Team|團隊與隊伍聯絡人的關係 *
Section 3: Request for Business Advisors (to be assigned by JA HK)|義務商界顧問 (義務商界顧問將由JA HK配對)
Role of Business Advisors: a) lead program and guide students; b) share real-life experience; c) advise on company decisions|義務商界顧問的職責: a) 帶領並指導學生; b) 分享現實生活中的經驗; c) 就學生公司的決策提供建議
1. Do you require JA to assign Business Advisors to supoort your team?|你的團隊是否需要JA為你配對義務商界顧問以支援你的團隊 ? *
2. We have agreed with the following Business Volunteers on their support. Please provide surname, first name and email address of the volunteer.|我們已經同意由以下的義務商界顧開支援我們的團隊。請提供其姓氏、名字及電郵地址。
E.g. CHAN Peter - peterchan@mail.com, WONG Siu Ming - wongsiuming@mail.com
Section 4: Understanding of the Programme|第四部分: 課程認知
1. Reasons of Joining JA Company Programme 2020/21 and Expectation from the Programme| 請列明參與JA學生營商體驗計劃2020/21的原因以及對課程的期望 *
Answer this question in either English or Chinese (100 words)|可以以中文或英文作答 (100字)
2. Remarks|備註
Section 5: Declaration|第五部分: 聲名
I declare that the information given in this registration is true and accurate, and confirm that this registration has been endorsed and supported by adult coordinator. I hereby authorize Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JA HK) to contact relevant parties to clarify information provided in this registration form. *
Name of Applicant|報名代表姓名 *
Contact No. of Applicant|報名代表的聯絡電話 *
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