Corpus Christi Survey 2017
This survey should take you less than 15 minutes to complete.
Our school is committed to encouraging each child to reach their full potential both academically and spiritually in a supportive Christian environment. We take seriously our responsibility to providing an educational journey that reflects that commitment, and it’s important that we understand the views of parents of the children within our care.
In line with the best practice of the Market Research Society (MRS) Code of Conduct all information collected will be anonymous, (that is to say we will not be able to identify individual pupils from the survey), so please be as candid as possible. All information collected will remain within the school and only the statistical data will be used in the research.
A. On a scale of 1 to 5, where 5 is very important, and 1 being the least important, please score the follow questions based on the level of importance to YOU in your decision in selecting a school for your child. *
1 - Least Important
5 - Most Important
1. The provision of individual attention and support for my child’s specific needs
2. Small class sizes in each year group
3. The schools Office for Standards in Education - Ofsted rating and published performance tables
4. The school’s Catholic ethos
5. Safe and varied outdoor play areas
6. Teaching staff and the head teacher being easily accessible to discuss my child’s progress
7. My child having a wide circle of friends at school
8. The educational use of information technology and computers within the school
9. Religious education as a core subject
10. The school being close to home
11. The range of after school clubs and extra-curricular activities
12. The school’s relationship with the local Catholic Church and parish community
13. That many of the teaching staff are practicing Catholics
14. Good quality and varied meals served at school
15. The school has a good relationship with the secondary school that my child will attend
B. On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being “I strongly agree”, 3 being “I neither agree nor disagree”, and 1 being “I strongly disagree”. Please score the follow statements. *
1 - I Strongly Disagree
5 - I Strongly Agree
1. The school my child attends provides a strong academic education
2. Being a Catholic school was important in my decision to send my child to this school
3. I attended a faith based secondary school as a child
4. Religious education is important for my child’s spiritual development
5. I chose my child’s school as it was near to where we live
6. Discipline and pupil behavior is better in Catholic schools than non-faith based schools
7. My child’s school is friendly
8. I prefer my child to have a Catholic education to a non-faith based education
9. Our family attend regular religious services (regardless of denomination or faith)
10. It is important for my child to attend a Catholic secondary school
11. I have considered which secondary school my child will attend
12. Catholic schools are elitist
13. A Catholic education is more important in primary school than secondary school
14. There is too much emphasis on religion at my child’s school
15. I am aware of the choice of Catholic Secondary School in my area
C. If you have any specific comments relating to your decision to select a school please write below. (Maximum 500 characters)
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