Degan Change of Dismissal Request 2019-20
If you need to change how your child goes home, please complete this form by 2pm so that we can make sure that we safely get your child redirected. This form is your written documentation that you are changing your child's way home. Changes made later than 2pm may not reach the teacher and cannot be guaranteed. This form will be printed as proof of change and given to the child's homeroom teacher. Your child will use this as their ticket to move to the requested dismissal area.
Considerations for Change
1. Requesting a different person to pick up your child requires that they be listed in Skyward and check as eligible for pick up.
2. Car Riders and Walker pickup for PK/K/1 requires a "fast pass" to be shown.
3. Pick up in the office requires a valid ID.
4. If you are requesting your child ride home on the bus with another child, you must send a note with the other child's parent agreeing to this change if this is not your child's regular bus route.
5. If you are changing your child to NOT go home on daycare, please make sure you have also notified them and followed their guidelines.
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