Puppy Chow Proposal
Good food is often accompanied by good talk. It only stands to reason then, that a variety of food should lead to great conversation. After all, variety is the spice of life!

Do you have a suggestion for a place to hold a puppy chow? CAL-PaH is happy to take your suggestion. Please provide some information below, and we will be happy to take you suggestion!
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What name do you wish to go by? We are more than happy to give you credit for the location suggestion! Who knows, maybe you'll get a toast...
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Please provide the full address of the location you are suggesting, including postal code. This just help make sure we get not only the right place, but the right location too, as some places have more than one location!
Some details regarding suggestions
Puppy Chow does have a base schedule of locations to attend. However, this schedule isn't set in stone. Obviously if a place doesn't work out, it can be replaced. How does your suggestion fit into this schedule? Your suggestion will simply be inserted into the schedule for the next upcoming Puppy Chow. If multiple suggestions are received at once, they will be scheduled in order of submission. Please note that the while the location of Puppy Chow is not set, the time and date are. As such, if the time we would host Puppy Chow has already been reserved, we will move on to the next location and try again for the next scheduled Puppy Chow. Reservations will be made roughly a week in advance, so any suggestions made during this time will be slated for later, still following the other rules.

It is unlikely any problem should arise with a place, but in the case there is some sort of issue with a location, you will be notified.
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