Regional NFDRS Usage Survey
My name is Nick Walding, I am a PhD candidate at the wildFIRE Lab at the University of Exeter, UK, led by Professor Claire Belcher. My research analyses aspects of the NFDRS and its use in the USA.

We have put together this survey to determine how Fire Managers across the country use outputs from the NFDRS. We hope that information from survey responses will add context to our findings recently accepted for publication in the International Journal of Wildland Fire ( In this research we found that different regions of the USA display different relationships between fire danger indices and recorded fire activity.

The survey should take no longer than 5-10 minutes and requires minimal information from you. The survey will close on 16th February. By filling this survey out we hope to open up a dialogue between the wildFIRE Lab and you directly, which can hopefully lead to future practitioner-needs-led research programs.

If you have any further comments or desire to discuss our research further please do so at the end of the survey or by contacting me directly via email.

Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

Nick Walding

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1. What Fire Science Exchange are you apart of? *
2. What State do you operate in? *
3. Which organisation do you work for? *
4. In your job role do you use outputs from the NFDRS? *
4a. If yes, in what way do you use outputs from the NFDRS? (Tick as many as appropriate)
4b. What NFDRS parameters do you utilize?
Which aspects do you use? (Tick as many as appropriate)
Which one do you consider the most important?
Relative Humidity
Wind Speed
1 hr Fuel Moisture
10 hr Fuel Mositure
100 hr Fuel Moisture
1000 hr Fuel Moisture
Energy Release Component
Burning Index
Spread Component
Ignition Component
Staffing Level
Adjective Fire Danger Rating
4c. In what months are you most actively using the NFDRS outputs? (Tick as many as appropriate)
4d. On what timescales do you use NFDRS outputs? (Tick as many as appropriate)
4e. What NFDRS Fuel Models do you use?
Which Fuel Models do you use? (Tick as many as appropriate)
Which Fuel Model do you use the most?
A - Western Annual Grass
B - Chapparel
C - Pine Grass Savannah
D - Southern Rough
E - Hardwood Litter
F - Intermediate Brush
G - Short Needle, Heavy Dead
H - Short Needle, Normal Dead
I - Heavy Slash
J - Intermediate Slah
K - Light Slash
L - Western Perennial Grass
N - Sawgrass
O - High Pocossin
P - Southern Pine
Q - Alaska Black Spruce
R - Hardwood Litter, Summer
S - Tundra
T - Sagebrush-Grass
U - Western Pines
None of the above
4f. Where do you get your NFDRS information from? (Tick as many as appropriate)
5. Do you utilize other fire weather or fire danger information in your operations? *
5a. If yes, do you use these in preference to NFDRS outputs?
5b. What other sources of fire weather or fire danger information do you use? (Tick as many as appropriate, and if they are not listed please add details using the 'Other' option)
5c. On what timescale do you use this information?
6. If you have any comments or further information feel free to add it here, thanks!! *
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