CMBC Trail Development Planning
The purpose of this planning process is to help CMBC prioritize new mountain-biking trail development that the club supports in Whitehorse between 2019-2023.

Your survey responses will help inform the direction of a workshop for members on October 11th from 600 - 830 at Grey Mountain Primary Library (pizza included!)

Here is our framing question:

*** In partnership with the City of Whitehorse (and other land-managers as needed), how can we best make transparent and strategic decisions that sustainably grow and maintain the trail network so that riders enjoy a diversity of trail-riding experiences, and that reflects the interests of members? ***

Here are some considerations:

1 - CMBC wants to be purposeful so that future resource allocation is strategic;
2 - Increasingly, new trails will need to be purposeful, strategic, and meet the needs of members;
3 - While CMBC will continue to play the role of supporter; all new substantial trails will require a champion before development proceeds;
4 - Land-managers are key to any new trail development and namely the City of Whitehorse (but also KDFN and Ta’an);
5 - the City has a new Trail Development Policy which ultimately gives CMBC clarity and certainty; it also puts the onus of maintenance and inspection on the Club for trails developed by CMBC under this policy.

We are moving into a new chapter in mountain bike trail development in Whitehorse and we need your help! Let's set the direction so that we can continue to build and maintain an awesome network of trails so that riders can do what they love: ride! Thank you for your insights.

1 - Are you a CMBC member?
2 - What should be the purpose of Whitehorse’s mountain bike trail network?
Your answer
3 - What is working well about trails being built and maintained by CMBC?
Your answer
4 - What could improve about trails being built and maintained by CMBC?
Your answer
5 - When you think about future trail development in Whitehorse, what does CMBC need to consider?
Your answer
6 - When you imagine trail riding in 5 years, what would you like to be the same and what would you like to be different, and why?
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7 - What types of trail developments would be most meaningful to you? For example, connectors to improve current network? Trail additions in the same style/area as current networks? More longer, high elevation trails? Other ideas?
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8 - What is your best advice to CMBC in how CMBC allocates our volunteer and financial resources to new trail development?
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9 - Thank you for your insights. Is there anything else you think we should know about?
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