S3 into S4 Progression Pathways for 2021-22
This choice form is either not open (Due to open on 05/02/21 at 3pm) yet or closed (Due to close on 17/02/21). If you have missed the deadline please contact your Guidance Teacher in the first instance.

Information regarding the process:
Use this form to select the subjects you would like to take in S4.

All S4 pupils will study 6 subjects and will also have 2 periods of core PE, I period of RE, PSE and Tutor Time. All pupils study English and Maths and should look to continue study in 4 subjects they have been studying in S3 this session. When deciding what subjects to take forward consideration should take account of current progress based on tracking and progress and next steps reports, communication with the class teacher from the Parent Contact Evening (PCE), careers officer and their guidance teacher. Focus should be on the likely hood you have of achieving a level 5 (SCQF5) by the end of S4. In addition to this, Principal Teachers will liaise with Guidance teachers on the best pathway for achieving success.

It is worth noting that the Senior Phase (S4 - S6) should be taken as an entire body of learning and not individual years. For example, if you wish to study 5 of your current S3 courses and you can only study 4 in session 2021-22 then the other course can be picked up in session 2022-23.

The first choices take care of English and Maths. The following 4 choices are an open choice based on the course choice offering for next session. As always with course choice we cannot guarantee any course will definitely run until we have all choices submitted and neither can we guarantee places where courses are oversubscribed. However we will endeavour to meet all choices where at all possible. When you reach Choice 5 and 6 there is the addition of some excellent college courses that you can select. Please be mindful these are busy courses and as a result any interest in study these should be expressed as early as possible in order to secure a place.

In Section 2 you will be asked to make two reserve choices. Please ensure these are in order of preference. Use the comment box at the end of this section should you wish to share any other relevant information. In Section 3, What are your plans beyond school?, we will ask a few questions regarding your predicted year of exit and preferred destination. This will be used to support your pathway decisions and planning ahead.

Please ensure you do not choose the same subject twice as this will be void and left blank.

Should you wish to discuss choices please contact your Guidance teacher in the first instance. Deadline for completion of the online form is Wednesday 17th at 1pm.
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