11 O'Closcar Comic Awards
Celebrate comics, creators and comic-related greatness from 2017
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Favorite Writer
Who was your favorite comic book writer of the year?
Favorite Penciler
Who was your favorite penciler of the year?
Favorite Inker
Who was your favorite inker in 2017?
Favorite Color Artist
Who impressed you the most among color artists this year?
Favorite Writer/Artist (One Creator Does It All)
Which creator who does both the cartooning and writing gets your vote?
Favorite Cover Artist
Which cover artist did your favorite work in 2017?
Breakout Performer
Which creator was the breakout star in 2017?
Creator of the Year
Who was THE TOP creator (writer, artist, combo) in 2017?
Favorite Superhero Book
What was your favorite superhero title of 2017?
Favorite Science Fiction or Fantasy Book
What was your favorite sci-fi or fantasy title of 2017?
Favorite Adventure Book
What adventure comic got you most excited in 2017?
Favorite Crime or Mystery Book
Which whodunit or crime thrilled topped your list this year?
Favorite Non-fiction Book
What non-fiction work (e.g., biography, historical) was your favorite?
Favorite Licensed Book
What licensed comic sat atop your list this year?
Favorite Horror Book
What was the best horror book you read this year?
Favorite Anthology
What anthology (collection of shorter works) topped your 2017 list?
Favorite All Ages Book
What all ages book was your favorite of 2017?
Favorite Digital First or Webcomic
What digital only (or something that started digitally) work topped your 2017?
Favorite Ongoing Series
What series that was ongoing in 2017 (not a limited series) was your favorite?
Favorite Single Issue or One-Shot
What single issue (from a series) or one-shot was the best of the year?
Favorite Limited Series
What limited series that STARTED in 2017 was your favorite?
Favorite Original Graphic Novel
What original graphic novel (not a reprint) ranks highest in 2017?
Favorite Collected Reprint
What collected edition, reprinting prior material, was your favorite?
Favorite New Comic (Started in 2017)
What comic that was first published in 2017 ranks as your favorite?
Favorite "New to Me"
What comic that you read for the first time (but was released prior to 2017) was your favorite?
Favorite Publisher
Which publisher's output was -- in total -- your favorite in 2017?
Comic of the Year
The big dog, your favorite comic of the year (any genre or form, the #1)
Favorite Character or Set of Characters
Which character(s) topped your list in 2017?
Biggest News of the Year
What comic news items ranked as the biggest news of 2017?
Favorite Comic-Related Non-Comic Item
This can be a film, prose book, movie, video game or anything else comic inspired
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