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If you had Bariatric Surgery, what type did you have and when was the surgery performed?
If you had Bariatric Surgery, approximately how many ounces of food can you ingest per sitting?
Have you ever dealt with an eating disorder that we should be made aware of?
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Are you currently lactating?
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Do you have Celiac Disease or a high Gluten Sensitivity?
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Is there anything you'd like to disclose that we need to know to support you to be successful during the 28-Day program that has not been identified above?
I have disclosed all necessary information that the Balanced Habits KICK START Team needs to know about me. I understand what is expected of me during this 28-Day program and commit to the suggestions and guidelines. I will attend the weekly journal review, follow the journal requirements, do the suggested amount of exercise. I will read the emails coming from my Food Coach. I promise to not expect perfection, but I do expect improvement due to my efforts and understand that the Kick Start fee is non-refundable. Type your name below to indicate that you agree with these statements.
REGISTRATION FEE: Until Sept. 16th: $199 Memb.; $249 Non-Memb. | AS OF Sept. 17th: $249 M / $299 NM
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