Data Demons Membership Application
Data Demons is a gaming organization, primarily aligned with the Xbox platform. We are an accepting and diverse community, mixed of casual and competitive groups of players, that focus to build a positive gaming experience for all. We are also active in the eSports community, and we strive to be a respectful and honest group in all aspects within eSports.
Data Demons Organization Rules and Code of Conduct
1. Please be respectful (and generally be nice) to all people in this server. Keep conversations PG-13 as much as possible. Continued use of extreme vulgar and toxic language, screaming, or any deemed annoying behavior will not be tolerated.

2. Be respectful of your fellow Data Demons and their opponents. Abuse, racism, sexism, hate speech, obscene communications, and trolling are not allowed, including jokes that are in poor taste. As a member of the Data Demons, you are always representing us, so take the high road. No t-bagging, harassing, or likewise will be tolerated. Lighthearted trash-talking is permitted.

3. NSFW is not allowed. Please keep all content safe for work.

4. Do not impersonate community members such as Staff, Players, or any other relevant parties.

5. Be cautious about your links. Make sure you know where your link is going. NSFW links are not allowed.

6. Do not @ the players without a good reason.

7. No soliciting or advertising of other communities, groups, products, or businesses without approval from Data Demon Admins.

8. Please remain relatively active. There are no activity requirements to be a member, but Admins reserve the right to periodically remove memberships due to inactivity.

9. In-game cheating, hacking, or malicious intent (throwing games and anything that involves preventing a win for your team) will not be tolerated.

10. Moderators can and will enforce additional rules that are not explicitly listed here in order to keep order. (This is part of the "generally be nice").

11. Any member's gameplay clips posted in our #Gameplay-clips Discord channel will automatically be consenting to them being used on any Data Demons website or social media platform.

Anyone to be found in violation of these rules may be subject to disciplinary action, removal, and / or ban from the Data Demons.
Do you accept the above stated rules? *
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