Women’s and Girls Rights defenders Workshop
YouthHubAfrica invites young men and women to register for Women’s and girls rights defenders Training Workshop. This workshop is for women and girls right defenders in FCT and Ebonyi State. This two-day capacity building workshop will provide training for over 400 women’s and girls’ right defenders (200 in FCT and 200 in Ebonyi state) equipping them with relevant skills to better engage with traditional and religious leaders to advocate for the prevention and response to Ending Violence Against Women and Girls, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and Harmful Practices and to promote women and girls right including Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights.

The participants will be able to learn
- The Art of Story-telling
- Effective communications
- Developing Advocacy plans
- Using media & technology for advocacy

Workshop Dates:

The training will run all through the month of March 2020

Deadline for Application: 7 March 2020
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This Training only Open to people in FCT and Ebonyi State.
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If you were given the opportunity to be part of this training, how will you use the skills and knowledge gained to advocate for the right of women and girls in your community? *
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