Fidelia Editorial Team Application 2019
Young Clergy Women International is a network of the youngest ordained clergy women.

Our publication, Fidelia, lifts up the voices of young clergy women, sharing the work and words of young clergy women in a broad variety of contexts with other young clergy women and with the wider church. Since 2007, Fidelia has published articles twice per week (on Tuesdays and Thursdays), sharing reflections, essays, stories, liturgies, sermons, reviews, poems, and more.

Fidelia seeks Writers in Residence or Editors to join our Editorial Team. Depending on whether their gifts lean more toward writing or more toward soliciting/editing, an applicant may be invited to serve in one capacity or the other.

*Writers in Residence write six times per year for Fidelia and solicit articles from other writers six times per year.
*Editors solicit ten to twelve Fidelia articles per year, and write up to two times a year (and are welcome to add on more writing above and beyond their Editor responsibilities).

It is expected that Editorial Team members:
*Make a two year commitment to serve on the Editorial Team
*Attend monthly meetings of the Editorial team (to be scheduled based on availability of work group members; the Editorial work group currently meets at 2pm on the last Thursday of each month).
*Make a yearly personal financial contribution to YCWI according to your ability
*Maintain a Gmail account for Editorial Team communications and a Facebook profile for community support and connection
* Please understand, being a leader may change the manner in which you participate in the Secret Facebook Group, as you may represent the organization, as well as yourself, in this role.

Fidelia pays authors, including Writers in Residence and Editors, $25 for each published article.

We are so glad you are considering applying to join the leadership of our organization! We believe that YCWI offers a significant gift to young women in ministry, and that Editorial service is both a way of giving back and enjoying a greater level of involvement with YCWI.

Applications are due March 15, and you can expect to hear back from YCWI leadership in regards to next steps before March 20. A managing editor may contact you to request a writing sample, ask you to edit a sample article, or schedule an interview.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Emily Brown and Sarah Ross
Co-Editors, Fidelia
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Do you identify as a woman of color? All of the demographic information we collect is used to help the board better understand who’s in the organization.
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Describe your experience writing for publication.
Describe your experience editing others' work.
Members of the Editorial work group are responsible for reaching out to YCWs to solicit columns – inviting YCWs to share their voices through articles on a variety of topics. Please share three ideas you have for YCW’s you might contact, and the topic you would invite each to write about.
Members of the Editorial work group also write articles for Fidelia themselves! Please share three topics you would be excited to write about.
Soliciting articles can be challenging: young clergy women are often busy, and sometimes downplay their own gifts and voices. Please draft a brief sample correspondence to show us how you might go about inviting one of the YCW's you listed above to write for Fidelia.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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