Cultivate Discord Appeal Form
This form is for users who were banned from the Discord, and would like to appeal their ban.

If you were given a punishment in relation to the Minecraft Server, you can use the !appeal command in any usable text channel in the Discord. Do NOT fill out this form for in-game violations.

Other forms of Discord Punishment: Mutes, Kicks, Warns etc. cannot be appealed.

Verdicts will be reached within 3 days of submission. You will be notified of the result via in-game mail (/mail read). Appeals which are lazily filled out or are missing information will be denied.
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What is your Minecraft Username? *
What is your current Discord Username? (include numbers, ex. Nolan#2020). *
When were you banned from the Discord (approximately)? *
Why were you banned? What did you do? *
Why should you be unbanned? *
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