Escape from the Pleasant Valley Library........or, Gnorm, Bring Back that Key!!!
Gnorm is a lovable, friendly gnome who lives under Miss Valerie's desk at the Pleasant Valley Library. Maybe you've paid him a visit at one time or another? Often you can catch him gardening, reading a book or just relaxing on his beach blanket. He's usually content to just hang out there and watch all the people go by with their arms full of books. Such fun!! But sometimes, every now and then, Gnorm gets a little mischievous. He doesn't want the lights to go off and the people to return to their homes. He wants someone to hang out with him and talk. So Gnorm decides to lock the front door and steal the key so you can't leave. The problem is, he's tricky, and keeps moving around the library so he can't be caught. But maybe, just maybe, if you're very clever you can catch up to Gnorm and get that key!!
Gnorm really wants to do some research on Nome, Alaska. Where in the non-fiction section will he find a book about this? *
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