Wags and Waves Online Waiver
This waiver is to be used by those who want to purchase their ticket at Hawaiian Falls the day of the event and want to fill out the waiver digitally.  This waiver is also for vendors, sponsors and park volunteers.


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Waiver Part 1: I do hereby represent and warrant that my dog(s) is (are) spayed/neutered and has (have) complete, up‐to‐date vaccinations and current rabies shots *
Waiver Part 2: (A) I agree to practice responsible pet ownership, (B) I agree not to leave my dog(s) unattended at any time, (C) I agree not to leave my dog(s) enclosed in any vehicle *
Waiver Part 3: I release any right and grant full permission to Wags and Waves to use, without payment, any photographs, videotapes, motion pictures, sound recordings, or any other record or information derived from any Wags and Waves related event (add initials)
Waiver Part 4: In participating in Wags and Waves, I recognize and acknowledge that injury, illness or damage could occur to my person, children, property, or pet(s) caused by any of the participating pets, participants, premises or property defects, or other causes.
Nonetheless, in consideration of the acceptance of this entry and the allowance of myself, my dog(s) and/or my children’s participation in Wags and Waves, I, for myself and my children, and all others who might otherwise make claim on behalf of me or my children, do hereby voluntarily assume full and sole responsibility for any injury, illness, or damage, accidental or intentional, which may occur to myself, my children, property, or pets directly or indirectly as a result of or during my or my children’s participation in Wags and Waves (add initials)
Waiver Part 5: I, do hereby forever waive, release, discharge, and hold harmless Cat Matchers, DFW Furgotten Friends, DFW Rescue Me, The Love Pit, Hawaiian Falls Water Parks and all sponsors, vendors, veterinarians/veterinary staff and officials from any and all claims, demands, actions and cause of action whatsoever including, but not limited to, any injury, illness, or damages to myself, my children, property, or pets which might result directly or indirectly from or during my, my pets or my children’s participation. (add initials) *
Waiver Part 6: I fully understand and agree that failure to fully comply with any and all obligations outlined in this Wags and Waves Attendee Agreement and Waiver, will result in my removal from the park and forfeiture of my entrance fee.  (Add initials)
Waiver Part 7(a): I will have children under the age of 18 in my direct care at the Wags and Waves event. (b) I agree to explain all risks to the minor, the minor’s personal responsibilities for adhering to the rules, and to get the minor’s consent to be subjected to the risks.
I have read and understand and agree on behalf of myself and my minor child/ward to be bound by the terms of this agreement
The following are under 18 and in my direct care: (add name and age OR add NA if not bringing anyone under 18)
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I am attending as a Vendor/Sponsor or Event volunteer (please put name of vendor/sponsor, or WW vol in comments)
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