Dolores Public Library District
Please rate each question based on how you would rate your library. 1 being the weakest to 7 being the strongest. All responses are anonymous. Thank you in advance for your time!
How would you rate each of the following library services?
Customer service *
Needs improvement
Collection (books, DVDs, periodicals, non-traditional items, etc.) *
Does not meet my needs
Always meets my needs
Adult programming (classes, films, lectures, etc.) *
Needs improvement
Excellent programming offerings
Youth programming (children's story times, after school programs, etc.) *
Needs improvement
Excellent programming offerings
Online services (website, catalog, research databases, etc.) *
Not useful
Extremely useful
Technology and internet access (Wifi, desktop computers, printing/fax services, etc.) *
Technology and internet at the library rarely meets my needs
Technology and internet always meets my needs
Is staff knowledgeable about your technology needs? *
Very Knowledgable
Do you feel any policies or procedures need to be revised? *
Needs to be Revised
Very Satisfied
Do the Mission and Vision Statements fit your needs? *
Needs to be Revised
Very Satisfied
How easily can you find the resources you need? *
Needs Work
Are the resources available useful to your needs? *
Need More Useful Resources
Very Useful Resources
What resources do you most often look for at the library? *
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Are the programs provided by the library suitable to your interests and needs? *
More Variety
Very Satisfied
What programs or collection items would you like to be developed/added in the next year? *
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Do you have any other comments or suggestions on how the library can better meet your needs? *
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