Birds of Prey Convention 2017 Signups!
For the seventh year running, we are hosting a mini-convention focussing on playing Birds of Prey: Air Combat in the Jet Age. Our intent is to run this as a school on close-in dogfighting, conceptually similar to Top Gun. This will be a fantastic experience for the air-combat enthusiast and is not to be missed! The convention will be suited to players of all skill levels. (Although we'd prefer you have figured out the basics of flight in Birds of Prey, there will be enough talented players to boot-strap any newbies.)

The location is set near the Washington Dulles airport from September 7 -September 10; our hope being that this will allow many people access, being near a major airport and close-by to our the midwest and east coast attendees, and supporting non-stop flights from most of the rest of the world.

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