Trade-In Request Form

Do you have old toys, props, games and other items sitting around taking up space? Looking to get new items for that special project and help reduce the cost? Well good news! This is EXACTLY why we created our trade-in program!

Applicable Trade-In Items:
- Old Toys & Collectibles: Played with or M.I.B (mint in box)
- Video Games: Classic games and newer games (sorry, computer games are not applicable)
- Props/Replicas/Parts: From a large number of movies
- Electronics: tablets, laptops, etc.
... And a lot of other items!

The items we accept as trade-ins we look to sell back off on our website. Due to that fact, we do have to offer less then the going market value... and the reason for that is there is quite a bit of time involved in the listing process, and these items may sit around in inventory for awhile until a buyer is found. But we always do try to be fair to both parties.

If its an item we will want to keep for our own displays we do tend to offer closer to market value on the items.

To get started just fill out this form. After we receive it we will look over the list and check current market value and how fast they are moving. We will then let you know what we may be interested in, and the price that we are willing to offer you. You can then decide from there if you would like to go forward with the trade process.

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