Sun Bear Internship Scholarship Application
This form is intended for students who are doing a course in environmental conservation, zoology, vet sciences or related fields and/or have a keen interest in working with sun bears. Please fill in your email address to receive updates on the status of your application.

This is not an acceptance for scholarship. This is an application. You will be subject to interviews and have to fulfill specific qualifying requirements. You will be competing with many others vying for limited positions and submitting this form is only the first step of the application process.

Scholarship applications must be submitted at least 4 months prior to your intended start date. Failing to comply with the submission deadline will result in auto-disqualification.

Currently enrolled as a student in an educational institution studying environmental conservation, zoology, vet sciences or related fields.

If you do not qualify for a scholarship, please apply for a regular volunteer placement position.

If you are Malaysian but not a student please apply here:

If you are non Malaysian and not a student, please apply here:

1. Letter of motivation;
2. Letter of Support from your Professor/Advisor, indicating:
. the area of study and faculty you are in;
. their support for your scholarship application;
3. Student ID copy;
4. Malaysian IC copy, if Malaysian.

The above documents must be submitted via email within 14 days from the date you submit this application form. Please have your documents ready prior to filling in this form to prevent disqualification.
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