Event Incident Report
This form is available to participants of TEDxCalgary events to report incidents in accordance with our Participant Code of Conduct: https://tedxcalgary.ca/participant-code.

You may complete this form anonymously, and choose not to supply any name or contact information. In doing so, we will still investigate the reported incident as thoroughly as possible, but may be limited in our ability to deal fully with the reported person(s).

We encourage you to allow us to make contact with you, and your name/contact information will not be released beyond the TEDxCalgary leadership team investigating your report.

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Contact Details
Providing your name and other parts of the following contact information is optional. Without it, we will still investigate the reported incident, but will have less direct information to address with the person(s) in question.
Your Name (optional)
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Incident Details
Please provide as much detailed information as possible, so that we can most effectively address your report.
Event name *
Please give us the name of the TEDxCalgary event you were attending.
Please tell us what happened... *
Use as much space as needed, and describe events to the fullest extent possible. If you filed a separate report with other authorities (police, building/site security, etc.), please include those details here.
Did you report this to any on-site TEDxCalgary team members or volunteers? *
If you reported your concerns or an incident to any of our on-site team members or volunteers, please let us know whom you spoke with (if you know).
Thank you...
We appreciate your taking the time to advise of an incident. If you have left us with contact details, we will be in contact to confirm our findings and follow-up actions.
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