Share your views! Cambodia: How to End Poverty and Share Prosperity More Widely?
The World Bank Group (WBG) is undertaking engagements with stakeholders in Cambodia on the country’s development opportunities, and what can be done to end poverty and share prosperity more widely. The schedule of these meetings is posted on the World Bank Cambodia website. We are using this survey to get feedback from as many stakeholders as possible. Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey. The feedback we get will not be attributed to any individual but will be consolidated, and a summary will be posted in the website.
World Bank – Cambodia Systematic Country Diagnostic
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Cambodia: Drivers of Growth and Upcoming Challenges
4. What do you think have been the main drivers of strong growth and poverty reduction in Cambodia over the past two decades? What have been the main factors? *
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5. Thanks to sustained economic growth, Cambodia became a lower-middle income economy in 2015. What do you think are the main challenges to sustain growth and poverty reduction Cambodia faces going forward (over the next decade or so)? *
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Cambodia: Areas for Development
6. In your view, what are the crucial development areas for Cambodia to focus actions aimed at ending poverty and share prosperity throughout the country over the next decade? (Please, pick up to 3 priorities) *
7. Why are the 3 priorities you have selected critical to sustain growth and reduce poverty? *
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