Playful Learning 2018 Submission
Thank you for your interest in submitting a proposal for the Playful Learning 2018 conference in Manchester, 11-13th July. Please complete the following form as far as possible, and remember to share with us the playful/interactive side of your session!

Submissions close on 12th February 2018. We will advise you of our decision by 30th March. If successful, at least one author/facilitator will need to register to attend the conference.

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Please indicate any special facilities you would need for your session; we will do our best to accommodate any reasonable requests. Note that by default, rooms will be set with small group tables, and AV facilities will be available. We are unable to provide computer labs or similarly equipped spaces, but wifi and power are available for you to bring your own materials, and you can assume that most attendees will have smart phones or other digital devices. Outdoor and indoor open (foyer) spaces are available to use: please provide details of how you'd like to use them.
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