Global Jewish Pen Pal Program
As the Coronavirus pandemic strikes not just our homes, but the whole world, we could all use some cheering up and human connection right now. We can use this shared experience and time as an opportunity to connect more with the global Jewish community and learn what it means to be Jewish in different parts of the world. That is why I’ve started the Global Jewish Pen Pal Program.

If you are interested in being matched with a Jewish Pen Pal in another country, fill out this form! All ages are welcome. Who doesn’t love mail? I will do my best to match you when a match becomes available. I will make matches via email. Once a match has been made, the fun begins! You can write handwritten letters back and forth, or, for a quicker method, you can email or send Facebook messages. The connection can be through the post or virtual. Whatever you like. I make the match. You make the conversation.

*Madison Jackson is the founder of this program. She is a 23 year old from Cleveland, Ohio who is passionate about Jewish life in countries around the world and has spent time living abroad. This program is not affiliated with any organization, but is a project of Madison's individual passion. If you have any questions you can reach out to her at
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