CALL for Good Practice Examples for "Enhancing Digital Literacy Skills: Good Practices for Early and Primary Years Education"
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SECTION 1 Objectives
We are looking for good practice examples from three areas:

First - concerning the effectiveness of the digital tools used by educators and caregivers, to develop children’s language and literacy proficiencies across different modalities.  In childhood, digital tools can be helpful in fostering basic language skills, basic reading skills (“learning to read”) and reading for comprehension (“reading to learn”). In addition, we want good practice examples concerning writing (learning to write and create information by writing) and using digital devices for sharing information.

Second - concerning competencies specific to the digital media (creating and using the hardware and software), for instance, use of digital devices as a medium for coding and programming, or a “playground” for learning a variety of creative digital-based skills.

Third - concerning additional skills such as locating, comprehending and integrating information distributed across sources and formats, critically evaluating the reliability and validity of the available information, and adjusting comprehension and expression strategies according to the different types of interactions that are required (for example social media posts versus longer, deeper academic content).
SECTION 2 Name of the practice
What is the name of the good practice? *
SECTION 3 Referring to literacy, in which way this practice/ project might be helpful?
AGE GROUP 0 – 3 years (toddlers)
AGE GROUP 3 – 6 years (pre-primary years / kindergarten)
AGE GROUP 6 – 10 years (first years of primary school)
SECTION 4 Description of the practice (topic, theoretic background, age group, material, training method, etc.)
Describe the practice (Word limit: 500 words). *
Why is this a good or a promising practice? (Word limit: 500 words). *
Demonstrated impact (if any) (Word limit: 500 words).
SECTION 5 General Information
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