Employer's Survey Feedback Form
The purpose of this survey is to obtain employers’ input on the quality of education and program objectives
of Department of Telecommunication Engineering, MUET, Jamshoro. The survey is with regard to MUET’s
graduates employed at your organization. We seek your help in completing this survey to know the knowledge,
skills and attitude of graduating students.
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1. Main activity of your organization.
2. Name and Postion of MUET graduate you are evaluating. *
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3. Is he / she able to demonstrate application of professional knowledge concerning his / her area of specialization?
4. Is he / she able to demonstrate the ability to investigate, analyze and design solutions for complex
5.Is he / she able to work in a team and cooperate with others?
6. Is he / she able to demonstrate / uphold professional ethics while exercising his / her profession?
7. Has he / she been observed / demonstrated, effective leadership qualities, while leading a team of peers
8. Would you like to retain him / her in your organization in future as well?
Please indicate your satisfaction to the appropriateness of all the above-mentioned questions. To make your feedback more comprehensive, we welcome your valued suggestions.
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